Carrying on with V4

I have completed all bug fixes and minor enhancements for V4 beta. I estimate a total of 100hrs to complete this work so far. To give an idea of what work was carried out to date, see the extensive list below. For anyone that is interested I use the fantastic Kanban/ Project management tool at to track all of the bugs, fixes, and new features that I am working on.

The PDO/ DB adapter re-factor was the biggest peice of work so far. This evening (GMT) I have tested full Telnet download against the 49 devices in my lab. All working perfectly.. Happy! Happy!

My next tasks are to test all current reports, SSH connections and then test installations of the current build, which I am calling 3.5 beta at this time. Thats going to take another few days I'm sure. It'll likely be a weekend job for me. And once that is completed, I am going to build a full test document, with all current rConfig features listed, to ensure that future versions of rConfig hold up to any changes or feature enhancements that I will develop. I hope to automate this testing process at some point. 


I am also developing installation scripts for the beta version to make the whole install process much less manual. In case you did not know, I have a current total of 21 new features on the list to develop. Will all of these be implement in v4? Probably not, but I know what the important ones are to you all from feedback in the forums, so I will prioritize accordingly.

Two more quick nuggets of information today. Anyone (and hopefully thats all of you!) using GNS3, or have used it in the past should head over to their site, and you will see that rConfig is now on the GNS3 marketplace. I will be building an appliance for the market place post V4 release. Headover to and check it out. (But be careful not to click the Solarwinds links :) )

Also, Today I've signed up for an Azure subscription. And I fully intend to release the Beta Version on Azure with a full GNS Lab for participants to come test and get full behind the scenes access to rConfig to ensure that the V4 release meets all needs, and resolves any known issues. This is very exciting and its a great way for the community to participate in a very stable v4 release. 

Thanks for your continued support

P.S. Don't forget donations, I'm giving a lot of time, and expendtiture on my part!
P.P.S. I'm having lots of fun build v4  for everyone to use :)

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