Carrying on with V4

I have completed all bug fixes and minor enhancements for V4 beta. I estimate a total of 100hrs to complete this work so far. To give an idea of what work was carried out to date, see the extensive list below. For anyone that is interested I use the fantastic Kanban/ Project management tool at to track all of the bugs, fixes, and new features that I am working on.

The PDO/ DB adapter re-factor was the biggest peice of work so far. This evening (GMT) I have tested full Telnet download against the 49 devices in my lab. All working perfectly.. Happy! Happy!

My next tasks are to test all current reports, SSH connections and then test installations of the current build, which I am calling 3.5 beta at this time. Thats going to take another few days I'm sure. It'll likely be a weekend job for me. And once that is completed, I am going to build a full test document, with all current rConfig features listed, to ensure that future versions of rConfig hold up to any changes or feature enhancements that I will develop. I hope to automate this testing process at some point. 

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rConfig v4 Update

I've been busy plugging away at v4 development in earnest for the last 4 weeks. Up to now I've been posting progress updates in the forums. I wanted to give an overview here as to my progress so far. In terms of development I have completed an overhaul of the PHP Database Adapter to Support PHPv7. I have fixed many bugs and tweaked the code for minor improvements. My next task is to overhaul and resolve some issues with the task scheduler. I have about 10 major new features to add including multi-vendor support, multi-threaded connections to devices and many others. I am considering sneaking in a brand new and very cool feature not related to configuration management as such, but that will depend on progress as I know many of you are anxiously waiting for v4. 

This last week, I have pasued development work (it's good to mix things up). I have been busy working on procuring new equipment for full performance and functionality testing of rConfig. I've receievd that new server and I've built out a GNS3 lab on it. All in all, it took about 15 hours to build the server, OS and Lab. But great fun to do. 

My Approach:
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rConfig update - May 2015

We're Back!!!

Its been nearly a year since the last release of rConfig, and we have a brand new update for you. Since my last update, we currently have over 4000 downloads of rConfig. Feedback continues to be amazing and I am delighted that rConfig helps network administrators all over the world maintain backups and enforce configuration compliance of the networks we aim to protect and manage.

We have a new core developer on board, and has coded all updates on this v3.0.3 release. I am very grateful to Matt Vitale for his contribution to this great project. Matt is also very active on the rConfig forum. We are looking to build a small team and are seeking applications for a few more Core Developers , and I know some of you have expressed an interest in assisting with the growth of the project in the past. Please contact me directly This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information. We are looking for strong PHP, JS, MYSQL, HTML Devs, with a lot of network experience. We are also looking for passionate contributors that know how to build upon their experiences with other Network Management Systems by contributing to the ongoing development of rConfig. 

Update rConfig
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rConfig Update - November 2013

Thats right! rConfig has passed the 1000 download mark. I am absolutely delighted with this milestone and in some ways cannot believe it made it this far. rConfig was released on 14th December 2012 and has a nice steady growth rate to this point, nearly a year later. With the release of rConfig version 2.0, came some new and exciting features as voted for by the rConfig community. Also a few weeks after version 2.0 was released I considered it to be a stable rev. What does that mean? It means that the first iteration of a major release was bug free. Now, how many times do you see that in the industry.

That said, there is still work to do, and some of you guys have been actively engaged with me to get some features added and add support for new manufacturers of networking equipment. Over the month of December I plan to spend more time on rConfig development.

I have also spent some time this month installing a demo version of rConfig on the website. This is accessible via a registered login. It means you and your friends can check out the rConfig UI before you download it. It has some limitations but it should give those of you who have not used rConfig before a general feel for how it works.

If you wish to make a donation to the project, you may do so by logging on to with your credentials. The Paypal ‘donate now’ button is on most pages, but you will easily find it on the ‘about’ page. You can also support the project by purchasing Custom Support under the support section. Installation and Premium support options are available if you need help installing rConfig or troubleshooting any issues. You can also have specific/ custom features added for the Premium Support option also. Donations will be used to support the project directly for example hosting fees and developement environement fees.

Remember to keep the feedback coming, either to me directly or on the rConfig forums.

Happy Networking!!


Stephen Stack


rConfig v2 released

Its been a few months since I ran a poll on to decide the next major feature to be added to rConfig. The rConfig community at that time decided on both the 'Bulk Configuration Update' and 'Configuration Policy Check' features in a tie situation. I chose 'Configuration Policy Check' for the tie breaker.

I am very pleased to announce the immediate release of rConfig v2. The main feature addition to rConfig v2 is the Configuration Policy utility. There are several other bug fixes and minor enhancements from the stable 1.2.5 release - most of which were requested by various users of rConfig on the forums and via email.

rConfig v2 can be installed in 2 ways. The first and most straightforward is a standard installation using the guides already available in the 'support >> guides' section of The second is by utilizing the built-in update feature. More details on this below.

Please look over the release notes when downloading rConfig v2 to familiarize yourself with the fixes and enhancements covered in this release. As always with any new major software release, treat the installation of rConfig on your production systems with care. Be sure to take backups of your current installation before installing the latest version using the rConfig backup tool in the settings section. Extensive beta testing was carried out with rConfig v2 to ensure a high quality release.

To use the built-in update feature, just launch the rConfig dashboard and watch the version checker under the main logo on the top right hand corner of the page. The rConfig server needs to be able to access to check automatically for the latest version. You will need to download the v2 zip file from before starting the update process. When the check has completed you will see a hyperlink to update. Click the link and follow the on-screen instructions to upgrade to v2.  

When the installation is complete the first thing you may notice are some menu changes. Some items were moved around a little to accomodate the Compliance Policy sections. Please review the help files for information on the Compliance Policy management utility and other new features.

As always, thanks for choosing open source software and using rConfig - Network Configuration Management, for your network device configuration archive and compliance needs. rConfig is for the network engineering community so should be driven by the community.

Send any bugs to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Stephen Stack

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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