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rConfig is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
(at your option) any later version.

rConfig is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.
You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with rConfig. If not, see https://www.rconfig.com/license.txt

======================= INSTALL ===============================

Guides can be found online at www.rConfig.com to help you through the installation
process. Check for the latest install guides in the support section

======================= BUGs ==================================

Any bugs can be emailed directly. Send as much detail as possible to

======================= CREDITS ===============================

Ray Soucy @ www.soucy.org - Cisco Telnet Class

======================= VERSION NOTES =========================
Version 3.9.6

Resolved - Fix database install not apparantly working on install wizard
Resolved - apache_get_version fix for install when apache_get_version is missing
Resolved - Filename and code vulnerability in Template add/edits
Added - MD5 checksum checks for update zip files
Resolved - Increased Security of partials includes
Resolved - Sanitized $_POST['sortBy'] on devices.php
Resolved - Sanitized custom_location on devices.crud.php
Resolved - Sanitized multiple inputs in search.crud.php

Version 3.9.5

Resolved - Mysql & LFI Injection risks

Version 3.9.4

Resolved - Code continues to run on head.inc.php without exit() function. Added

Version 3.9.3

Resolved - CVE-2019-16662 - RCE Vulnerability in www/install/lib/ajaxHandlers/ajaxServerSettingsChk.php - Removed unused script ajaxServerSettingsChk.php.
Low risk, as install dir must be removed after installation.
Resolved - CVE-2019-16663 - RCE Vulnerability in www/lib/crud/search.crud.php - Resolved by escaping catCommand string.
Low risk, as must be authenticated to execute RCE vulnerability.
Removed - Readme notice stating I am no longer fixing bugs.


Version 3.9.2

Fixed - Write Snippet support not working for some SSH connections
Fixed - fixed ldap_host NOT NULL for sql install file
Fixed - remove echo from DBinstall script
Fixed - Config Compare not showing list of commands, Issue resolved

Version 3.9.1

Added - LDAP Authentication Support

Version 3.9.0

Fixed - Bug: - Resolved multiple issues on Telnet connections returning blank configurations
Added - Confirm dialog if password fields on devices page are blank. User can proceed to form submit anyway if they click 'ok'


Author: Stephen Stack

Fixed - Bug: - [Fixed] Compare in Scheduled Tasks not working #83 github rconfig/rconfig
Fixed - Bug: - Fix issue where final check for install was returning no response. Maintenance Workaround added to config file for https redirect.
Fixed - Bug: - writeSnippetTelnet() commented out in connection2.class.php
Fixed - Bug: - configoverview.php hangs on purge when no configs in DB to delete. Error notice added.
Fixed - Bug: - configoverview.php page crashes when counting over 100k directories or files in the data directory
Fixed - Bug: - Reports are malformed due to overlap when written on same day.
Fixed - Bug: - Modification to Centos6 apache config file to prevent SSL errors


Version 3.8.7
Author: Stephen Stack

Fixed - Bug: - Modifications to connection class for faster telnet connections/ downloads
Fixed - Bug: - #66 install DB check failing on password with special characters
Fixed - Bug: - #67 IE 11 not allowing updates to default credentials in settings page


Version 3.8.6
Author: Stephen Stack

Added - Permenant HTTPS redirect to config template file
Fixed - Bug: - #64 Encryption check is reversed when selected Default username/password
Fixed - Resolved Missing HPAnyKey yml config from out of box 3.8 templates
Fixed - Issue if dots in host name, config files will not open from web console. dots replaced with dashes
Fixed - If blank usernames and password password, rConfig will continue with script - i.e. blank usernames/ passwords should be allowed
Added - Remove Special characters from filenames


Version 3.8.0
Author: Stephen Stack

Added - Templates to specify connection parameters to devices
Added - Device password encryption function in settings section
Update - Remove mandatory user/pass fields
Update - Remove password confirm field
Update - do not retrieve PWs when editing devices
Update - updated favicon.ico to new rConfig logo
Fixed - debug notice div on settings page not working
Update - Remove old phpseclib
Delete - devicesaccessmethod table
Delete - deviceAccessMethodId field removed
Delete - deviceEnableMode field removed
Delete - termLength field removed
Fixed - fix default user/pass tick box - added warning if PWs blank in settings
Fixed - defaultEnablePassword not saving on add edit
Fixed - red border around default vendor image
Update - fix login images
Fixed - move dashboard toaster to bottom right
.. and many more minor bug fixes


Version 3.7.5
Author: Stephen Stack

Added - New online help files and removed old help files
Added - Updated masthead for new rConfig Logo
Fixed - Images bug where images would not upload correctly
Fixed - issue where connport on devices page would reset to 23 if saving form and required field not completed
Fixed - deleted device showing up twice in compare device selection
Fixed - fixed page hangs for connection checks if device not avaiilable on devicemgmt pages. bug#36


Version 3.6.9
Author: Jose Diaz
Fixed - Make task e-mail reports display properly with different e-mail client programs, specially Outlook.


Version 3.6.8
Author: Jose Diaz
Fixed - Check getHostStatus results ($status) in lib/showCmdScript.php
Fixed - Check getHostStatus results ($status) in lib/downloadNowScript.php
Fixed - Check getHostStatus results ($status) in lib/configCategoryScript.php
Fixed - Check getHostStatus results ($status) in lib/configDeviceScript.php
Fixed - Reimplement getHostStatus() function using sockets API instead of fsockopen() to reduce Connection Refused errors


Version 3.6.7
Author: Stephen Stack

Fixed - Connection ports not updating automatically when selecting ssh/telnet in devices.php
Fixed - SMTP Auth checkbox not display credentials boxes
Fixed - Fixed full backup failure issue
Fixed - Issue where users cannot be deleted
Fixed - Bug#9 (GitHub) run rconfig.sql without requiring ALLOW_ZEROS and SUPER
Fixed - bug where scheduling a Compliance Report task would fail with a 500 error
Fixed - fixed upload of vendor images to images/vendors dir

Version 3.6.0
Author: Stephen Stack

Fixed - fixed install/rconfig.sql for customprop view, if multiple rconfig DBs exists, custom props display php errors
Fixed - Undefined Offset error when downloading configs via scheduled task or manually
Fixed - Errors displayed if incorrect credentials passed for device on manual download
Fixed - Error 'CONN Command or Prompt Empty' - due to invalid entries in `cmdCatTbl` table - rconfig.sql installer
Fixed - Errors if incorrect password for DB installer are incorrect

Version 3.5.4
Author: Stephen Stack

Fixed - Many Minor Interface improvements
Added - Device Edit button from devicemgmt page
Added - Scheduled Tasks view - Show categories if selected for the task or devices if selected
Fixed - All identified Security issues in relation to multiple CSRF and file access on AJAX code

Version 3.5.2
Author: Stephen Stack

Fixed - Backup may hang if tmp dir is missing. Added Check if tmp is present and create if not
Fixed - scheduled tasks footer fix
Fixed - Removed default install commands that were not working from SQL
Changed - configcompare re-factored for new config file search functionality
Changed - Updated to jquery 2.2.4 & jqueryui 1.11.3
Changed - All alert, confirmation and modals changed to modern design for better look and feel
Added - Move phpLogging() function to global functions so that it is called for all scripts - makes logging more available

Version 3.5.1
Author: Stephen Stack

Fixed - Some Edits not appear to be working due to AJAX caching 'feature' in version of IE
Fixed - Updater hanging on update due to mis-configured PDO statement in updater class

Version 3.5.0
Author: Stephen Stack

Deprecated - Config template generation feature (new build coming in V4)
Deprecated - Option to require user credentials before manually downloading configs - Not working
Added - Show password tick box on settings page
Added - Login Timeout Setting (default 15 minutes) on settings page
Added - New Installer Bash Scripts for Centos 6.x and 7
Changed - Refactor Menu to dynamic DB based
Fixed - Password not emailed for forgot password page
Fixed - Multiple UI tweaks
Fixed - Vendors Edit - does not keep logo on Edit
Fixed - Download Now/ Snippets script bugs
Fixed - Reports Bugs
Major Update - DB connections Layer migrated to PDO
Updated - Help files updates
Updated - Help files updates
Security - Removed LFI & Path Traversal Bugs


Version 3.1.1
Author: Stephen Stack

Fixed - LFI Bug in downloadFile.php

Version 3.1.0
Author: Matt Vitale

Added - Config template generation feature
Added - Option to require user credentials before manually downloading configs or pushing config snippets (instead of the default stored credentials)
-Must be an admin to toggle this setting on the Settings page
-Mainly used for security/auditors needing to know who exactly logged into a device, instead of the logs always showing rConfig's stored credentials
Added - rConfig now disables HTTP and only uses HTTPS by default. This can be reverted in the /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf file by uncommenting the "#Listen 80" line
Fixed - Compliance reports not working correctly
Changed - Various user interface tweaks and improvements
Updated - Help files with newer features

Version 3.0.3
Author: Matt Vitale

Added - New changes from version 3.0.2 (currently unreleased) listed below
Added - Auto update feature for the default credentials
-Original behavior: Each device would have to be individually updated with the new credentials when changed on the settings page
-New behavior: When the default credentials are updated on the settings page, it will automatically update any devices configured with the Default Credentials check box checked
Added - Default username/password link on add device page to a check box
Added - Enabled automatic welcome email sent to new users when a new account is created
Fixed - Modified the default welcome email for use with rConfig
Fixed - Various grammatical and typographical fixes, including in comments
Fixed - Default Configuration Comparison report when run from a scheduled task. It now should look for the correct filenames and compare them correctly.
Fixed - Error logging in below fix for 3.0.2 (it previously wouldn't log errors correctly)
Changed - Ordering of devices in device list to be alphabetical

Version 3.0.2
Author: Kyle Little

Fixed - Allow variable telnet port number for connections

Version 3.0.1

Fixed - storing downloaded config files in wrong timezone
Fixed - issue where search was not working

Version 3.0.0

Added - Manual 'Download Now' Button to devicemgmt page
Added - Feature to upload configuration snippets to devices on both SSH and TELNET
Added - Feature to upload configuration snippets to multiple devices as a scheduled task
Added - Timestamp to downloaded configuration files so that configs can be downloaded multiple times in a single day
Added - Config snippets reports section to reports under configuration tools
Fixed - added a check for a lowercase username prompt as Cisco ACS5.x chnage the login prompt for somme Cisco gear to all lowercase

Version 2.0.3

Fixed - Typo problem where 'emtpy' was replaced with correct spelling of empty (Credit: Matt Vitale)

Version 2.0.1

Fixed - If '#' character was found in config where SSH was the connection type. Config download would fail at '#' (Credit: Matt Vitale)

Version 2.0.0

Added - Compliance Manager Feature
Fixed - Minor Code fixes

Version 1.2.9

Fixed - Fixed scheduler where all nodes where being add to a task
Fixed - Updated code to allow for HTTP or HTTPs rConfig UI
Fixed - Backup archives not deleting
Added - Update Copyright Year
Added - Extended field for telnet/SSH port numbers to allow up to 5 numbers i.e. port 22222

Version 1.2.8

Fixed - Whitespace not allowed in hostname for devices for - will cause file system level folder name problems
Added - No html form autocomplete allowed for username and password - you should use the 'default username/password function'

Version 1.2.7

Added - Purge configs older than X days feature on configoverview.php page

Version 1.2.6

Update - Allowed passconf, enableMode Checkbox and Enable password to be returned to devices form on submission error

Version 1.2.5

Fixed - Enable mode checkbox not working on device add form

Version 1.2.4

Added - Feature to retain devices form fill-in information when submitted and errors returned
Fixed - Easy update to remove install dir after update is completed
Fixed - 'Undefined variable: i in /home/rconfig/lib/showCmdScript.php' notice when running from CLI
Fixed - HTTP_HOST not set error when running showCmdScript.php from CLI

Version 1.2.0

Added - Easy rConfig Update installation feature
Fixed - Broken Footer Links
Fixed - Installation final page and checklist

Version 1.1.2

Added - Version information to footer
Added - Hyperlink to remove install directory from 'install dir' banner warning

Version 1.0.11

Fixed - Update lib/showCmdScript.php to use SmtpFromAddr from Db, not not hardcoded 'from' address for sending mail
Fixed - could not delete categories due to misconfigured crud path
Fixed - Updated installer to display 'WANOptimizers' under categories as no spaces allowed in categories
Added - Request to reduce username length to 4
Fixed - Issue where if 'data' dir was empty, PHP Notice: Undefined variable: files in /home/rconfig/config/functions.inc.php on line 221 (scan_dir()) function
Fixed - Issue where could not delete compareReports because wrong path was referenced in reports.php
Fixed - issue if showCmdScript.php was run on shell by another user, it would reset perms for data directory.
Added some checking to showCmdScript.php see how script was run and change back owner to apache if script was run from shell
Fixed - duplicate ' Fixed - PHP Notice: Undefined variable: categories in ...scheduler.crud.php when adding task for devices only
Fixed - Full backup not backing up MySQL DB

Version 1.0.0

rConfig Released