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rConfig | Network Configuration Management

Features Comparison with NCM competition

rConfig v3 rConfig v6 ManageEngine NCM Solarwinds NCM
Licensing & Setup
Max Devices Count

Maximum of network devices licensed

Unlimited Unlimited
Unlimited Licensed Nodes

Number of rConfig instances per license/ company

Unlimited Unlimited
Extra Software Costs

Any extra or hidden software costs

No No Possible Yes
Perpetual License

Keep using Software after subscription expiry

Optional Optional
Installation Support

Full installation support, including setup, installation and initial software walkthrough.

Limited Limited
Configuration Management
Configuration change management

View configuration changes and history

Multiple Configuration outputs

Any variation of 'show' commands

Limited Limited
Config comparison

Comparison across multiple 'show' outputs

Limited Limited
Configuration Search

Lightning fast configuration search across any variation of 'show' commands

Limited Limited
Configuration Rollback

Deploy a single rule based on multiple criteria, such as a Click OR Hover.

Compliance/ Audit
Compliance System

Intuitive Code based Policy Compliance System

Compliance Library

Access subscriber and professional compliance definitions such as SOX, PCI etc...

Limited Limited
Compliance Scoping

Scale compliance policy across multiple 'show' commands

Limited Limited
Automation Network Tasks
Manual and Automatic Network Tasks

Deploy config snippets via cli, or automatically via tasks to single or multiple devices

Network Task Scheduling

Schedule Network Automation task with flexible scheduling System

Distrubted Management
Headless Management

Deploy rConfig in headless configuration for distributed systems management

Central Dashboard

Enterprise or MSP use cases for central management of multiple rConfig licenses

User Management
Role Based access

Applied role based access to GUI, for access to correct level of duties.