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Explore the licensing details for rConfig on this page. We provide transparent information about our software licensing terms to help you understand what is included and how you can use rConfig within your organization


rConfig V6 Core

rConfig V6 Core is our foundational offering, available free of charge as an open-source solution under the GPL-3.0 license. This license allows users to modify, distribute, and use the software freely, ensuring flexibility and transparency for developers and IT professionals looking to integrate and adapt rConfig into their existing environments.

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rConfig V7 Professional

Experience the Advantages of Source Accessibility through source-available license. Customers benefit from unparalleled insight and authority over their software infrastructure. Access and modify the source code to finely tune the software to precise specifications, promoting innovation and adaptability throughout the organization. While redistribution remains restricted, this model ensures the integrity, security and reliability of the software.

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rConfig V7 Enterprise

Unleash the Potential of Source Accessibility with Our Enterprise-focused Source-Available License. Harness unparalleled control and insight over your software infrastructure, empowering your enterprise to customize solutions to exact specifications. Modify source code for precise tailoring, fostering innovation and agility within your organization. With redistribution restricted, enjoy peace of mind knowing your software's integrity, security, and reliability are maintained. Scale effortlessly with unlimited device count capabilities, ensuring seamless growth and adaptability for your enterprise.

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rConfig V7 MSP

Discover the Power of Source Accessibility with Our Source-Available License Designed for MSPs. Gain unparalleled control and insight into your software infrastructure, empowering your team to tailor solutions to exact client needs. Modify source code for precise customization, fostering innovation and agility within your MSP organization. With redistribution restricted, rest assured of software integrity, security, and reliability, ensuring peace of mind for both you and your clients.

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rConfig V7 Automate

Unlock Tailored Solutions with rConfig Automate, Our Customized Offering Designed to Meet Your Unique Requirements. Collaborate closely with our team to customize rConfig to your exact specifications, ensuring a solution that perfectly aligns with your bespoke needs. Rest assured, you retain full ownership of the final product, providing peace of mind and control over your software environment. While redistribution is restricted, modifications can be made to adapt to evolving needs, ensuring your solution remains flexible and responsive. Experience the power of customization with rConfig Automate, tailored specifically for you.

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