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Robust NCM Platform

Revolutionize your network with our platform's unrivaled ability to manage static configurations and active state of devices, track changes with precision, and conduct the fastest multi-vendor configuration searches available.


Ensure your network's integrity with our comprehensive solution for full configuration compliance scanning and detailed reporting, all in one.

Secure vault integrations

Fortify your network with our secure vault integrations, safeguarding your configurations with top-tier security measures.

SSO, LDAP, and encryption

Enhance security and simplify access with our platform, integrating SSO, LDAP, and encryption for seamless, secure connectivity.


Streamline your network management with our platform that automates configuration changes, backups, compliance, and can be orchestrated seamlessly via a RESTful API.

Script Integration Engine

Your scripts, in your language - rConfig sends the params, and your send back the results. Output is fully integrated with rConfig capabilities.

Network Automation Platform

Be at the forefront of innovation with rConfig's transition to NAP architecture, directly influence our future features. Get exclusive access to beta versions of our automation platform, and customize your experience with requested integrations.

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