Network Configuration Manager
that protects your networks assets.

If you've ever had to deal with maintaining a large network of devices, then rConfig is the tool for you. rConfig is a world class Network Configuration Management tool. Open source, and built by Network Architects - We know what you need!

Version 5 is available now. Learn more...

Network Configuration Manager

Why use rConfig?

rConfig v5 is built for world class networks. Here’s what makes it the best Network Configuration Manager!

  • Open Source

    rConfig is completely open source. Event the professional version. Built on top of world class open source software (Laravel & Vuejs), It is extensible, and you can participate in its development.

  • Take Snapshots

    Take snapshots of your routing table, mac, arp tables, as well as running configs and any other show commands. Get your network device's status for any point in time.

  • Network Automation

    rConfig allows you to deliver configs much faster through intuitive, and simple automation capabilities.

  • Enhanced Security

    rConfig has implemented enhanced security to protect your assets with more coming in future releases. Such as SSO, config encryption & MFA.

  • Extensible & Customizable

    Add customizations, contribute to rConfig, or purchase support for priority feature addition to your rConfig installations

  • Alerting, reporting and notifications

    Significantly enhanced alerts, reports and notifications. This will give you peice of mind that everything is working as expected, or be able to zero in on anything that is not.

  • Access & Contribute to our Roadmap

    We believe in transparency and giving you what you need. Gold or Professional subscribers will have access to all of our release data as well as our feature roadmap. You will be able to up or down vote roadmap items.

  • Secure Portal Access

    With our new secure portal area exclusively for Gold or Professional subscribers, you will have access to Release, Roadmap information and direct download information. There is a support ticket system, and access all of your billing information.

Easy Configuration Management

Other NCMs are bloated, have hidden costs and are time consuming to set up. rConfig takes all of this pain away!

  • Simple configuration options

    In a few short steps we can get your devices imported, configs download and reporting delivered. Even implement some automation if required.

  • Easy compliance options

    Knowing your network and its configuration is in a good state gives piece of mind. rConfig makes this a cinch!

  • Pinpoint issues and troubleshoot problems

    Enhanced logging capabilities makes it so easy to troubleshoot connectivity or other issues with rConfig.


Pricing Options

Suit yourself, or your Business. We have you covered.

3 Options to choose from

rConfig v3.x - Personal
  • Free to download and use V3.x ONLY

  • Unlimited installations and unlimited devices per instance

  • Feature Updates

  • Direct support is not available

rConfig v3.x - Gold
€499 /yr
  • Unlimited instance support

  • 8x5 NBD on V3.x ONLY

  • Unlimited device management license

  • Support for urgent bug & security fixes

rConfig V5 - Professional
€999 /yr
  • All the same features as the Gold plan, plus;

  • Installation and setup support

  • New feature requests on V5

  • Priority support for features, fixes and bugs on V5

Frequently asked questions

1. Why do you have three pricing plans? and which one is best for me?

We recognized the need for open source software, with great contributors and capabilities. We also know that professional Network Engineers need premium support if and when things go wrong. Three plans for three needs. Personal, for labs and home based projects. Gold to support existing 3.x installations, and professional for full access to the brand new version 5 of rConfig.

2. Why is rConfig v5 not free?

We have spent nearly 18 months developing rConfig v5. It is a professional, high end and quality assured network management tool. We know that businesses that need this tool are happy to pay to sustain and deliver great features for rConfig in the future.

Also, rConfig has a high ROI, and very low TCO. Compared against other NCMs in the market, we have an unlimited device licensing model (others charge for the number of devices under management) and no hidden costs such as Windows or SQL license fees.

3. Do you offer trial versions of rConfig v5?

Our business model does not enable us to offer trials, but we can do one better. We offer 30-day Money Back Guarantees to all new subscribers. This allows you to get full feature functionality experience, while having peace of mind that if rConfig does not meet your expectations you will be able to secure a full refund.

You can get more information here

4. What are you going to do with rConfig v3?

We get approx 2k downloads of rConfig 3.x per month. We are going to continue to support it on a very limited basis. Security and bug fixes only. But it will continue to be available for the foreseeable.

5. I work for non-profit, can I get rConfig v5 discounted or free?

Yes. One of our core values is 'giving back', which is why we created rConfig as an open source, free project to begin with. Contact us directly for more information on our support for non-profit organisations. We require charity status for such Non-Profit organisations, and would need your charity ID with the request.

6. What are the plans for rConfig in the future?

rConfig is nearly 10 years old. With 100s of commits to bring us up to version 3.9.6 and a skip level to version 5, we are fully committed to rConfigs future. As a subscriber to Gold or Professional you will have access to our amazing roadmap of features and enhancements.

Registered users can find the roadmap in the admin portal.