V7 New Features

Unlocking Power: Discover the Latest Enhancements in V7!

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API Backups

Industry first: Embrace Innovation with API Backup Support, Exclusively in V7.

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Seamless Integration: Effortlessly Connect with Your Existing Systems

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Network Automation

Our Script Integration Engine puts the power back in your hands.

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Robust Governance

Elevate & Delegate Control: Next-Level Governance with Advanced Features in V7!

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Industry first API endpoint Backups

Secure Your Connections: Introducing the Industry-First API Endpoint Backup Feature in V7! Safeguard Any REST API Endpoint, from Meraki to Azure and Beyond.

Unlock Potential: Harness Your API Endpoint Backup Data to Seamlessly Integrate with rConfig's Suite of Features, from Config Diff to Compliance and Beyond.


Empower Seamless Operations: With Single Sign-On (SSO) integration, effortlessly manage user access across platforms. Sync Devices effortlessly with upstream NMS and CMDBs, ensuring real-time data accuracy and streamlined workflows. Safeguard Sensitive Information with Key Vaults, providing secure storage and access control for vital credentials.

Automation: Script Integration Engine

Introducing our Script Integration Engine, empowering users to write scripts and code in their preferred language – whether it's Python, Bash, or even JavaScript. rConfig seamlessly invokes these scripts, capturing the output and preserving it as configuration data. This flexibility enables unparalleled customization and automation, tailored precisely to your network's unique requirements.

Govern and Delegate

Unlock Control and Empowerment with our Govern and Delegate capability. This functionality empowers teams to create sophisticated compliance checks, delegate changes, and enhance visibility. By enabling granular control and oversight, teams can ensure adherence to policies, streamline workflows, and foster collaboration across the network infrastructure. With out embedded governance and delegation capabilities, teams achieve unparalleled efficiency and accountability in managing your network.

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