rConfig V6 Core

Unleash the Power of Network Configuration backups: Introducing rConfig V6 Core. The worlds only actively maintained open-source configuration management tool.

rConfig V6 CoreBuilt for those who want to scale with confidence, Network hobbyists, small business and those that just need config backups for labs etc...

Enterprise ready NCM

With all of the core backup capabilities of rConfig V7 Professional, rConfig V6 Core is an ideal solution to test rConfigs backup capabilities in heterogenous networks


Unlimited devices, instances and users

Scale your configuration backups with confidence. No matter how many devices or vendors you have, rConfig V6 can manage them all at once.

Secure by default

Easy on premise installation ensuring your configurations are safe.

Faster than light

Scale to 10's of 1000s of network devices rapidly, and maximize the efficiency of your backup schedule with our world class multi processing.

Growing Community

Join network professionals all over the world turing to rConfig for their NCM needs.

Industry Leading Roadmap

We have the most advanced roadmap of features. And if we dont have your needs, let's collaborate and have it added.