Release notes

Discover the Latest Enhancements and Fixes in rConfig!

  1. rConfig 7.1.0 Latest

    New Feature - Add sleep and config_prompt instructions to snippets as variables (see docs)

    New Feature - Shibboleth SAML2 driver for Laravel Socialite

    New Feature - Device level RBAC feature (See device docs)

    New Feature - Breaking - REST API - AddUpdate Devices - Assign roles to devices now required

    New Feature - Breaking - FTP/ SFTP/ TFTP Microservices -

    Enhancement - Update to Laravel 11 and other software dependencies

    Enhancement - Deprecate Tooltip in favor of responsive Popover

    Enhancement - Update devices data table view for horizontal scroll

    Enhancement - Add row hover to all tables

    Enhancement - Add spinner to RBAC Save/Update buttons

    Enhancement - Allow non-UTF8 chars in config view

    Enhancement - Do not allow deletion of some items if dependencies are still in place

    Bug Fix - Config Diff History sometimes has multiple Currents Versions

    Bug Fix - Search box on view all configs search issue

    Bug Fix - Removal of Zabbix Tag filters, removes all tags from input

  2. rConfig 7.0.8

    New Feature - Added Google SSO

    New Feature - Feature flag to mask credentials in UI - see docs

    Enhancement - Notice on dashboard if misconfigured url in env file

    Enhancement - Added warning notice when adding commands if using special characters

    Enhancement - Change row color for RBAC table on hover

    Enhancement - Update Download Template for device import to public rConfig URL

    Enhancement - Device Import must validate and filter invalid chars (space, &, quotes)

    Enhancement - Update queues to add new ManualDownload Queue

    Enhancement - Updated horizon auth for new RBAC system

    Enhancement - Check spaces are trimmed on device import

    Enhancement - Update API docs for username/ pass not required if device cred ID set

    Enhancement - Can add/edit integration_host_id via rest api for devices

    Enhancement - Expose integration_host_id to devices REST API

    Enhancement - Expose integration_host_id via web ui

    Bug Fix - if rconfig::tag is in the template/ inherited tags, the zabbix load -l will fail

    Bug Fix - Darkmode on Reports headers not working

    Bug Fix - Resolve RBAC issue where removing permissions does not remove the wildcard

    Bug Fix - Sorting users by role causes SQL error

    Bug Fix - Filtering error on Configs View All

  3. rConfig 7.0.7

    New Feature - Added Hashicorp Key Vault Integration (

    Enhancement - Added several inline hints for device prompts fields that appear in random order

    Enhancement - Refactor device CRUD classes for same behaviour (Api, Ui, import, Integration)

    Enhancement - Add edit settings button to top nav menu for devices and apis

    Enhancement - Feature flag to disable device passwords from view in the UI (See

    Enhancement - Add category as a field to devices table -

    Enhancement - Allow purge application logs from UI

    Enhancement - Add icons to task run history

    Enhancement - Added download by integration id API endpoint (see download-now endpoint in Rest APi docs in rConfig settings)

    Enhancement - Updated telnet order, if usernamePrompt is blank, do not send username or expect prompt

    Enhancement - All package dependency update

    Enhancement - Numerous Zabbix Integration enhancements. See

    Bug Fix - Scheduled tasks failing due to permissions errors writing to logs

    Bug Fix - Update docs in app, now contain download key for easy copy/ paste

    Bug Fix - Tasks with zero devices may cause hung threads in memory

    Bug Fix - GUI bug when doing compare

    Bug Fix - Fixed newly added devices added via the REST API will not download configs due to null status

  4. rConfig 7.0.6

    Enhancement - Multiple UI Improvements

    Enhancement - Documentation for V7 completed

    Enhancement - Frontend 3rd party dependency updates

    Enhancement - Add new env variables to adjust timeouts for long running jobs -

  5. rConfig 7.0.5

    New Feature - Okta SSO Integration - see docs

    Enhancement - Allow escape key to close to all modals

    Enhancement - Select all button for Roles

    Bug Fix - New roles not working with snippets

    Bug Fix - Issue adding/editing snippets, they disappear right away even if logged in as admin

  6. rConfig 7.0.4

    New Feature - Device Section of update with API and Config Diff features.

    Enhancement - Add toggle to disable notification of config changes per command

    Bug Fix - Deleteing snippet does not delete relationship in the pivot, check for updates sync also

    Bug Fix - Cannot add or update users due to missing role id

    Bug Fix - Add splash screen to inform users if no roles assigned after login from newly added SSO account

    Bug Fix - Devices that are unreachable are losing status on add

    Bug Fix - Api Collection form not saving due to retry and retry_wait incorrect types

    Bug Fix - Api Creds form Test feature does not respond if endpoint sends back an error

    Bug Fix - Ldap bool issue on the DTO for ldap_enabled causing LDAP to not enable on toggle

    Bug Fix - Device form does not repopulate fields with previous data if errors returned on submission

  7. rConfig 7.0.3

    Enhancement - Fixed Log file permission being set to root every day

    Bug Fix - Snippets do not have role assigned after upgrade to v7, so are missing from UI

    Bug Fix - Deleting API collection, does not delete related credentials or endpoints

  8. rConfig 7.0.2

    New Feature - Enable Telnet VT100 access for legacy Avaya switch

    Enhancement - Compare page doesn't differentiate between downloaded and not downloaded configs

    Enhancement - Mail settings cache for 1 day to improve page load performance

    Bug Fix - URGENT: Paths in various tables require conversion from rConfig6 path to rConfig7 path for each record in config, eoc_def and policy_def

  9. rConfig 7.0.1

    Enhancement - Config compare, config selection UX inconsistent

    Enhancement - Config compare, add notice if not configs found

    Bug Fix - Manual compare spinning on compare button click

    Bug Fix - DB Migration updates for PGSQL

  10. rConfig 7.0.0

    New Feature - Upgrade Guide:

    New Feature - RBAC - ACL across the system

    New Feature - RBAC for Snippets

    New Feature - Add & send Snippets via Restful API

    New Feature - Zabbix Integration for device sync feature

    New Feature - API Backup Feature

    New Feature - View change history for each device feature

    New Feature - Add fields/ paramters, to snippet as variable

    New Feature - Config change - User can specify to discard the download if the config is the same as previous version

    New Feature - Users notified of Config Change/ Diff feature

    New Feature - Bring your own code - feature

    New Feature - User can Disable Devices

    Enhancement - Improved filter and search on status to drop down for devices

    Enhancement - Full UI update to PatternFly 5

    Enhancement - New Darkmode colors and layouts

    Enhancement - Re-arranged dashboard and device view dashboard

    Enhancement - Change 'last seen' to 'as of' for device side panel

    Enhancement - Hostname for device IP, and custom port in device settings to overwrite template port.

    Enhancement - Can download TFTP files direct from UI

    Enhancement - Re-add attachment to configuration report

    Enhancement - Multiple code and architectural improvements, for security and performance

    Enhancement - RBAC - Can change users role without password

    Enhancement - Make 'Purge Old Configs' feature keep the last successful configuration files for a device

    Enhancement - Activity log, and zabbix log, not clearing, or filtering correctly

    Enhancement - Need to add device name to this manual download config notification

    Enhancement - Test & fix responsiveness on all UI pages

    Enhancement - Updated reports table with human readable report names

    Enhancement - Update Min version php to 8.2

    Bug Fix - Cannot send snippet to Juniper Devices

    Bug Fix - Bug in Seach results, Search form clears, dots, dashes and others after form submission

    Bug Fix - Policy assignments page does not load when user has been deleted

    Bug Fix - Failed download jobs are going to success Q

    Bug Fix - activitylog icons not working correctly

    Bug Fix - Creds need to be options when DeviceCred is set in API POST for device create

    Bug Fix - Reported creds not importing correctly on import/ export

    Bug Fix - Filter text remains in text field after clear filter is applied in devices tbl

    Bug Fix - Filters not applying when multiple selected filters on devices table

    Bug Fix - Saving configs when config download failure occurs

    Bug Fix - Config purge causes memory leak on high volume of configs

    Bug Fix - Selecting one config from configs table, and deleteing does not work. Multiple selections do actually delete.

    Bug Fix - Some email clients not rendering base64 images in config reports

    Bug Fix - Latest configs table for radware adc overflowing because of command length