The VMware-Broadcom Transition: A New Chapter for rConfig

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The VMware-Broadcom Transition: A New Chapter for rConfig

Reflecting on the Past, Embracing the Future

When I joined the EMC SMARTS team in 2008, networking was becoming my main skill, and it felt like a dream come true. Working on a product with so much potential in the networking industry was exhilarating. However, a few years later, out of sheer frustration with the lack of innovation and usability in tools like SolarWinds NCM and SMARTs, rConfig was born. Despite the passage of time, the challenges in network configuration management (NCM) remain, with legacy systems like RANCID and Oxidized fading away and security concerns plaguing other enterprise NCM solutions.

The journey of EMC SMARTS, from VOYENCE to VMware Smart Assurance NCM, and now its likely final transition to Broadcom, signals a significant shift. This speculation isn't baseless; it's grounded in insider knowledge and the recent strategic moves by Broadcom, particularly its consolidation efforts and focus on subscription-based cloud services. With Broadcom's existing NCM solutions, it's clear that changes are on the horizon for VMware's NCM offerings.

Yet, I firmly believe that NCM still holds value, innovation, and importance in today's cloud-centric and microservices-driven world. The past few years have shown that while many NCMs and their parent products have been coasting through mergers and acquisitions, they have largely neglected genuine innovation and customer-centric development. This stagnation, coupled with the exorbitant fees charged for enterprise products that are merely maintained rather than improved, prompts a reconsideration of their value and complexity.

The ongoing corporate battles and strategic decisions within companies like VMware and Broadcom highlight a broader industry conflict, but it's clear who will eventually prevail. As we've observed, the consolidation and strategic shifts often lead to the phasing out of less competitive products. This, alongside the cybersecurity vulnerabilities exposed in tools like SolarWinds and ManageEngine, has heightened the demand for trustworthy, innovative NCM solutions.

This context sets the stage for the launch of rConfig V7. Our latest version is a testament to our commitment to innovation, performance, and security in the NCM space. As an open-source solution, we provide unparalleled transparency and security, ensuring our customers have access to a modern, scalable, and highly performant NCM tool. We're excited to bring these capabilities to both our longstanding and new customers, reinforcing our position as a leader in enterprise-ready network configuration management.

Ready to Secure Your Network's Future?

If the resilience and security of your network management are as vital to you as they are to us, let's talk. I invite you to a one-on-one discussion with me, the CTO, to explore how rConfig can fortify your network management systems against the threats of tomorrow.

Don't let uncertainty be a part of your IT strategy. Reach out today, and together we'll build a roadmap to a secure, reliable, and efficient network infrastructure. Your peace of mind is just a conversation away.

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